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An understanding of the history of Hydraulic Ram Pumps and their subsequent development can help give a better understanding of the Bamford Hi-Ram Pump, its operation, and its usefulness.

There is much information about Hydraulic Ram Pumps on the Internet, and the links below lead to much of this information.

However, it is emphasized that the Bamford Hi-Ram Pump has different and new characteristics when compared with traditional Hydraulic Ram Pumps. Performance characteristics of other pumps, and descriptions of their operation, may not wholly apply to the Bamford Hi-Ram Pump.

North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service    A comprehensive paper on "Hydraulic Ram Pumps", Publication Number: EBAE 161-92, prepared by Gregory D. Jennings.

Lifewater Canada    The Internet Site of Lifewater Canada contains a comprehensive section on Hydraulic Ram Pumps with links to other sites. This section is found in the Lifewater Canada pages by going to "Manuals" and then to "Hydraulic Ram Pumps".

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