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"Hi-Ram Pump ®" - A New, Simple and Economical Pump - Powered by Water.
An Australian Invention - Australian Patent No. 741896

The pump is quiet and is operated solely by
the energy in a flow of water entering from above the pump.
It uses no external source of power such as electricity, petrol or diesel.

Bamford Hi-Ram Pump

A basic version of the "Hi-Ram Pump"
(The steel pipe on the left is the drive pipe entering the pump)

Particularly in developing countries, the choices for pumping water are often limited because reliable or affordable sources of power are not available. The idea of a water pump powered by water is not new, but is very relevant in a world where energy conservation is increasingly important. The hydraulic ram pump, invented more than 200 years ago, is one such pump.

Although the principle of operation of the Bamford Hi-Ram Pump is similar to that of a traditional hydraulic ram pump, the new pump is considerably different in its construction and operating characteristics.

As is described in the section "About the Pump", the Bamford Hi-Ram Pump uses an inlet flow of water at low pressure to pump some of that water to a higher pressure or height. The pump has a self-sustaining cycle of operation about one second long. One typical installation is where water diverted from a stream drives the pump, with some of the water going up hill to a greater height, and the remaining water going to waste back to the stream.

The basis of the pump is a new waste valve mechanism with two moving parts, both of which can be very easily removed for maintenance or to adjust the pump.

In comparison with conventional hydraulic ram pumps, some of the different characteristics of the Bamford Hi-Ram Pump are as follows:

Its performance can be quickly adjusted for different pumping conditions, by using alternative moving parts in the valve mechanism.

Although the basic pump is very simple, additional components can be used to improve its performance in special roles.

It will work against both high and low output heads, thereby covering a much wider range of operating conditions.

The pump will operate when totally underwater (but the inlet flow of water to operate the pump must come from another source above the surface of the water).

The water going to waste need not spill out around the pump, but can be piped away for further use.

Depending on the operating conditions, the pump can be constructed wholly or partly from metal, plastics or other materials.

When constructed of non-metallic materials, the pump emits little noise.

The pump can be arranged to supply compressed air (but needs an air inlet pipe if underwater).

The pump can be arranged to provide a direct mechanical output to drive other devices.

The capability of the pump to "suck in" air can also be used to suck in water so that the pump acts as a suction pump for small suction heads.

Production pumps are now available as a basic water pump of the type shown above. Additional parts for the pump to product compressed air, or provide a mechanical output, or act as a suction pump are normally not provided. Provision of pumps for special applications needs to be the subject of a special order.

However, just in case of misunderstanding, you cannot pump water from a well or pool of water by just lowering the pump into the water - the pump must be driven by a flow of water coming from above the pump.

The Bamford Hi-Ram Pump considerably extends the usefulness of such devices for developing countries. Its ability to produce compressed air could be of particular use. Its ability to give a mechanical output could provide a means to pump clean drinking water from another source.

With reduced manufacturing costs and simplicity, the Bamford Hi-Ram Pump also has the potential to establish new roles in developed countries, and significantly increase the market for pumps using the hydraulic ram principle.

Queries from potential manufacturers or licensees are welcome.

Pumps are available for export, and more information about price and availability is shown in the "Latest News" Page.

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