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Availability and Price of Hi-Ram Pumps

Production pumps are available as a basic water pump, of the type shown on the "Introduction" page. This is a change in the design of the pump from the version that has been available for some years. The method of operation and the installation requirements are the same, although for the time being not all the changes to the internet site have been made.

The 25 mm or 1 inch version of the basic pump (less the drive pipe assembly etc) is available at the recommended retail price of $374 Australian, plus any dispatch costs involved. This price includes an Australian Government Goods and Services Tax (GST) of 10% . GST does not apply to pumps supplied outside Australia.

Distribution within Australia includes direct sales using parcel post. The pump weighs between 3 and 4 kilograms and goes in a box 310mm X 225mm X 102mm (an A4 size box). For direct sales, the dispatch costs to Australian addresses include handling, postage, packing, and insurance.

The pump and its drive pipe must operate together for the pump to work properly, and the drive pipe can be thought of as "half" of the pump. The use of a steel drive pipe is recommended wherever possible.

There are so far no distribution arrangements in most countries overseas from Australia, although individual orders can be accepted. With the cost of airmail parcel post included, the delivered cost of a pump is very competitive with alternative pumps available in many other countries. For overseas orders, if there were any other charges that are required by your country you would need to pay these yourself.

If you wish to order a Bamford Pump, please contact us for more information about local retailers of the Bamford Pump, dispatch details, and alternatives for payment.

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